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Job Carrier

Your best

Flexible cargo area

The sturdy YOONIT Job Carrier can be equipped with adapters for attaching systainer boxes or for an individual transport solution: lockable boxes, bags or any goods you can think of. Almost unlimited opportunities.

Job Carrier
Configuration examples
Length: 75 cm
Width: 46 cm
Job Carrier

Customized solutions

The thoughtfully arranged recesses offer convenient and almost limitless transport

solutions. The YOONIT Job Carrier is a perfect fit for urban professionals.


The YOONIT Job Carrier is a sturdy plattform, UV-resistant and manufactured in Germany. Weight 5 kg, max. payload 60 kg

Move freely around the city

Roll it up

Cargo sized rolltop bag with extendable capacity for the Job carrier. The bag is fixed on the Job carrier with velcro straps. Can be closed with large buckles when it is fully stuffed or compressed small when the bag is empty. Outer layer made of CORDURA®, inner layer of waterproof tarpaulin. Two large outer waterproof pockets with flap. 

YOONIT Cargo Rolltop
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