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Smart Carrier

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Configuration Examples
Length: 65 cm
Width: 35 cm
Smart Carrier

Lightweight for heavy duties

The YOONIT Smart Carrier is our lightest load carrier and weighs only 2 kg. It is sturdy, made from powder-coated aluminum and is manufactured in Europe. Max. payload 63 kg.

Downside Position

With the downside position the YOONIT Smart Carrier offers a simple and effective setup with infinite options for different sized cargo. Basically you can transport everything with this carrier, because any cargo can be fixed with straps. We call it the load monster.

Upside Position 

Whether you wish to carry luggage for a spontaneous camping trip, groceries or sports stuff. You will find the perfect solution with the YOONIT Smart Carrier. In the upside position, the long sides are limited by the upper strut – bottle crates fit in perfectly and bags or backpacks do not slip.

The 180° Concept

As flexible
as you are

The lightweight of cargo bikes

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